Apr 5, 2024
4:00 pm

The Edible Books Festival Returns!

Once again, we are reminded that Bowdoinham is the epicenter of fun and creativity, as we participate in the annual Luke McFadyen Memorial Edible Books Festival!. In memory of our dear friend and local baker Luke McFadyen, the festival is a celebration of books, creative fun and community.  This year we will hold the festival at Merrymeeting Hall on Friday, April 5. We invite you to cook, bake or arrange some kind of food that makes you think of a book, either because it looks like the book cover, represents the title, or it makes a literary joke or pun.  It is free to enter the contest, and those attending the festival to judge and eat will be asked to make a small donation.  Entries will be judged in two classes: ages 12 and younger, and 13 and older.

Here is Ferdinand the Bull, a cake by Camila McFadyen.

And Cat at Night, a cake by Jen Stonebraker

Hungry Caterpillar Edible Book

Caitlyn Johnson Edible Book

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