eReaders to loanThe library is proud to offer a Nook and 2 Kindles for loan to our patrons.  Each of these eReaders are loaded with books to read and we can add additional titles if requested.  The loan period is typically 2 weeks for these devices, unless special arrangements are made.  Many patrons have enjoyed taking the eReaders on vacations!  One of the Kindles, donated by a patron, is loaded with Young Adult fiction.  The others have a collection of both fiction and non-fiction for adults.

Pole Pruners

In response to the infestation of Browntail Moth Caterpillars, we are pleased to loan pole pruners to library card holders. The tool is useful in removing the winter webs of the Browntail and other invasive insects from fruit trees and small oaks and shrubs.   We provide safety instruction but clarify that patrons use this equipment at their own risk. The video below was filmed and produced by Bowdoinham’s own Jeff Fischer and stars Ellen Baum, a founder of Bowdoinham’s task force addressing the Browntail Moth infestation.  Typically the pole pruners have a one-week loan period.


Thanks to our partners at Cornerstones of Science in Brunswick, we proudly offer Bowdoinham Library patrons the chance to borrow a telescope to explore our nighttime sky.

The modified Orion StarBlast 4.5 inch Telescope comes complete with a simple instruction book and guides to additional resources (such as books, websites, and most importantly, local astronomers and clubs). Each telescope is modified and upgraded to help assure a positive user experience. It is a tabletop model which lends itself to a backyard picnic table.

With a few simple instructions, people of a wide range of ages can enjoy looking through the scope and learning more about the stars and planets. The typical loan period for the telescope is one week, but special arrangements can be made by speaking with the Library Director.

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