The Bowdoinham Public Library is proud to announce our partnership with the National Digital Equity Center (NDEC) to bring free online computer classes to our patrons.

These classes are designed to help everyone gain a basic level of understanding of computer technology, applications or “apps”, email, the web, and so much more! Intermediate classes are available as well. Even if you just know how to turn on your device, you can gain new information that can help you learn to use and enjoy your computer, your laptop, your smart phone or your tablet.

The classes are taught virtually (live, in real time, via Zoom) by an Instructor from the NDEC. Even though the classes are online, they are often very small and personal and allow for lots of interaction with the students.  These classes are free for all Maine residents.

An initial enrollment is required for anyone who would like to take these classes. You can enroll online at, or you can come into the Bowdoinham Library for a paper application to be submitted on your behalf.

After sending in that initial enrollment form you are free to register for as many different online classes that you want. Just like enrollment, you can register for any of the classes online, or ask the Bowdoinham Librarian for assistance.

If you would like to check out the courses the NDEC offers, you can click here or ask to see the list at the library.

Any questions, or need help enrolling/registering? Please let us know.


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