The Dust Is Flying

Stack-Old-BooksThe dust is flying at the Bowdoinham Public Library!
That is, the dust from old photos, old files and old scrapbooks. People are being inspired by the 250th anniversary and are coming in to search for and to share their stories, their mementos and their photographs. The library has some wonderful materials to share with patrons, from family histories, to newspaper clippings, to a complete set of old town reports and death records. Many of these materials are on loan from the Historical Society, and others are part of the Connors Collection; a collection of books and files pertaining to Maine history, given to the library by Frank and Jane Connors. We encourage townspeople to come and see what we’ve got. Would you believe there is a waiting list to borrow the Adams’ History of the Town of Bowdoinham? But, you can download your own PDF version HERE!.

Portrait of Silas AdamsA new history resource now available at the library is Some of you may be familiar with this web-based resource for doing genealogical research. Whereas home use of costs a monthly fee, Maine’s public libraries may now offer a free service. Patrons may now come to the library and do their genealogical searches free of charge via Library Edition.

More dust is flying on the library’s website! Bowdoinham-based web designer Will Zell is hard at work Will Zellfine tuning the new website for the library. The new URL address is: Please change your old bookmarks to lead you to our new site. We would like to publically thank Betsy Steen for her years of maintaining the old website site and to Will for creating the new one.

There is dust and then there is dirt. We’re once again digging in the dirt to provide you with healthy , field grown perennials as well as annuals for the 39th annual Library Plant Sale. As always, the 3rd Saturday in May from 9-4.

We guarantee no dust on the new books coming in to the library every day. Come and visit. You’ll find something of interest, we’re sure.