Maine Online Education Resources

graduationWith the rise of the internet, online education has become a more integral part of our higher education system. Top colleges and universities are now offering online options as part of their curriculum. Unfortunately, in the past when students have tried to research the opportunities that are out there for them, there hasn’t been a single place for them to go and find all of the reputable and accredited schools, which are really the only ones that matter.

Because of this, over the past few years several educators have dedicated themselves to researching, cataloging and publishing a database of every online program offered by an accredited college in the U.S. Their database includes not only a list of institutions and programs, but also in-depth information on each institution, including the specific accreditation that each institution has.

Recently cities and high schools in Maine have cited these resource on their websites, enabling students, educators and their families access to our database. Examples include:

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