Monthly Archives: February 2019

Examining Hate

We had a great turn out at our event on Thursday 1/31/19 with 30 people in attendance!  Howard Solomon started by giving an overview of his December talk on anti Semitism. He reviewed how anti Semitic ideas were both formed and spread, tying this into contemporary concerns about the media, including social media. This was followed by a lively group discussion.  The evening concluded with some ideas on how to keep the conversation going. Suggestions included:

  • A lecture and discussion on nonviolent communication
  • A workshop hosted by Craig Freshly, a professional mediator who aims to bring people of all political ideologies together
  • A gathering to talk about the book Waking Up White by Debbie Irving

What event are you the most interest in? Is there a way you can help make it happen? Let us know!

We also invite you to come into the library to start your own examination of hate by checking out Sally Kohn’s book The Opposite of Hate, We have two copies available! If you are interested in learning more in the comfort of your home, check out Kindness is a Skill by David Brooks.